Reply To: Trump 2016 vs 2020


polls arent trustworthy at all. they had Hillary 87 to 93 % winning with every single poll. You have to go by enthusiastic support and Trump has more than last election. Sure there is some hatred from marxist socialists but look at the rallies, the youtube views. Trump is more popular than ever.

Frankly, I dont know see why anyone would not like what he has done. Greatest economy in the history of the wrold, highest Dow Jones, lowest unemployment for women, blacks, hispanics, and whites …before the Chinese virus. He allows states to have powers instead of consolidating to Washington, stregnthened the military, he is for law and order and the police, he is against ILLEGAL immigration, is building the wall, placed a gay man in charge of the DNI the highest office ever for an admitted homosexual (Obama if you count the ones the didnt announce it openly) Trump is pro-America and the safety and well being of its citizens.

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