Reply To: Which 2 former Bucs…


I would take Matt Bryant or Martin Gramatica in their prime. We lost at least 2 games last season due to poor place kicking. I miss Automatica jumping up and down after nailing FGs.

I’ll count either of those guys as “offense”.

Defense is tougher, because we really haven’t run a 3-4 much before. Assuming Mike Edwards or Antoine Winfield can lock down the second safety position, I would argue our weakest position on defense is either a DL who can play all positions along the line, or a DB who can play multiple positions in the defensive backfield. That being said, I think Marcus Jones is the only player we’ve ever had that had the size to play multiple positions along a 3-4 line, so I’d have to go with Ronde Barber or Dwight Smith as the flexible DB.

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