Reply To: Curbing Your Enthusiasm for The GOAT


@gottajaboo wrote:

Dalton works well as a bridge QB. Jacoby Brissett can make the throws. I do believe Derek Carr could have been plucked.

This whole thing has been super goofy. Particularly with Covid-19 as a backdrop.

We would’ve needed to trade for Brissett, who also held a $21M+ cap hit.

We would’ve needed to trade for Carr, who also held a $21M+ cap hit.

So, Dalton would’ve been the most realistic option. But, he would be a bridge, as you suggested.

Brady is essentially the same thing…a bridge QB.

The biggest difference is that Brady is still playing at a high level. He’s on this team last year, and we see playoffs.

He was the best option. And, the better player of the ones you mentioned.

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