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@gottajaboo wrote:

Dalton works well as a bridge QB. Jacoby Brissett can make the throws. I do believe Derek Carr could have been plucked.

This whole thing has been super goofy. Particularly with Covid-19 as a backdrop.

We would’ve needed to trade for Brissett, who also held a $21M+ cap hit.

We would’ve needed to trade for Carr, who also held a $21M+ cap hit.

So, Dalton would’ve been the most realistic option. But, he would be a bridge, as you suggested.

Brady is essentially the same thing…a bridge QB.

The biggest difference is that Brady is still playing at a high level. He’s on this team last year, and we see playoffs.

He was the best option. And, the better player of the ones you mentioned.

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Yes Brissett and Dalton? Flat Steve, you gotta be kidding. You spend all your waking moments figuring out a different way to say the same exact thing, what a mistake we made signing Brady. You’ve made this point 1231 times and counting. And now you say we should have signed who? BRISSETT OR DALTON? You allegedly represent yourself as a purported Bucs fan. And you would rather go into the season with Dalton as your starting QB than Tom Brady. You seem to prefer that the season gets cancelled altogether rather than have Brady at the helm. So my question to you is this: What the hell?

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