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@gottajaboo wrote:

He started to show real signs of decline the last half of last seasons. That’s not debatable. I am not sure Dalton, Brissett, or Carr are on the decline.

You claim Brady is on the decline, but you’re not sure if Dalton is?

Forget that Brady threw for 50% more TD’s, almost 50% less TD’s, higher completion percentage, significantly higher QB rating, etc.

I am not sure how when a GM/Coach/President of football operations does a fair and balanced assessment of where our franchise is today vs the end game, which should always be a Super Bowl (I presume we all agree on this) you bring in Tom Brady at 43, maybe 44, to get us over the finish line. He’s just not who he was even 2 years ago.

You’re not sure how they assess our situation and why they came to the conclusion to sign Brady?

Wow. At least you finally admit it.

Here’s a hint.

As of right now…

Brady > Our last QB.

Kinda simple.

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Identical QBR last season. One was 26, one was 42.

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