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@americasquarterback wrote:

You as much as anyone on here know what we did was a bad idea and a horrible risk. I know you don’t care for me too much but, at least honor your football intellect by acknowledging that the potential for disaster with this move is pretty significant.

Stop taking things personal. I don’t dislike you. I dislike your continued fabrication of things to fit your narrative. Big difference.

Back to topic…

Your disdain for the Brady signing has everything to do with your sadness of the departure of Winston. Though you won’t admit it, we all know it. It’s okay. Don’t take it personal. You had nothing to do with it.

All of that being said, Brady carries as much risk as re-signing Winston.

Licht’s record as a GM speaks for itself. He’s a failure.

One more season without a playoff appearance would be the end for his tenure. Even the incompetent ownership would have to be done with him at that point.

Licht pushed all the chips in the middle. Brady is an upgrade over Winston. And, this team is in a better position with Tom at the helm.

We were going to be looking at a QB in the next few years anyways.

Would rather have Brady as the bridge versus the alternative.

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