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Question that the answer is for some reason avoided? Just read where a Pasco 17 year old died from Covid.

The question “What pre-existing conditions did the boy have?” None? Numerous? Why shouldn’t those critical facts be noted?

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He probably did have pre-existing conditions. But he probably caught the disease from somebody with normal health who didn’t know they were spreading Covid. And who knows perhaps they got it from not wearing a mask. What is the point you are trying to make? That people don’t need to worry about it if they are healthy? What about the people they spread it to? Just too bad so sad for them since they are old or have other conditions?

That’s my point, that we aren’t just wearing masks to protect our own health, we are all wearing masks to protect everybody’s health and try to slow the spread of this thing, or we aren’t. Some people don’t get it or maybe they don’t care. Its too much trouble for them to wear a mask around, even though its really no trouble at all. They can’t be bothered with it. Thanks for caring, buddy. This is what’s frustrating to me.

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