Reply To: Another Black Woman With A Different View


IB— it’s really offensive that you would even post this. All white people don’t have the same view point. So why would you even need to mention that one black woman has a differing view point. Are all blacks required or expected to think a like. I see it as mighty racist of you to want to throw that wide blanket over all of us.

Instead of being offended so easily, Sally, why don’t you have a rebuttal for the points made? Nobody is throwing a wide-blanket over anything. It doesn’t matter to me what the skin color is of the person who is making arguments, but it very clearly does matter to the race-baiters.

When white people make these same points, they are called racist or worse. When black people make these same points, they are called Uncle Tom’s or worse. I thought you “systemic racism” guys wanted to have the tough conversation? Well, have at it – but realize it’s not going to be a one-way conversation.

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