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“If you don’t have such pre existing conditions I see little need to wear a mask.” That makes no sense, and thinking like that, and hanging out in large groups is why the disease spreads. The purpose of the mask is mainly to protect others.

The lockdowns do work. Compare two neighboring Scandinavian countries, Norway and Sweden. Norway instituted a strict lockdown, while Sweden did nothing. Currently, Norway has had 8,772 infections and a 2.8% death rate, with only 21 new cases yesterday. Sweden has had 68,837 infections and a death rate of 8.5% and nearly 2000 new cases yesterday. Interestingly, Sweden kept open to keep its economy and businesses going, but when the cases started multiplying, many people became too scared to go out anyway.

The number of new cases in the US was declining a month ago, then during the last week of May they started rising again. They are now rising dramatically, with nearly 35,000 new case yesterday. California instituted a strict lockdown early on, and were keeping numbers stable. They let things go, like many other states, and had a record 6,700 new cases yesterday.

It’s not rocket science. More infections mean more deaths, more people harmed and scared, and more stress to healthcare workers and the healthcare system. With the exception of the Northeast, it looks like the lockdowns may have been futile in many states. The ignorance, selfishness and lack of responsibility, and the politicizing of Covid, is very sad.

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