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We got it. No Qb has been successful at 43. No one has been successful at 40 either. Except Tom Brady. No one has ever been a part of the 30/30 club either. Don’t give me brisset or carr that we “could have had” even though they are still on their own team. If you think Dalton is a better bridge, you are wrong. Look at daltons numbers last year… oh yeah you can’t. What world can you tell me we get the best ever, with no better options either, and we are wrong. Winston asked for 30 mill. Would you be more happy paying that?

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Flat Steve would be OK with that salary because as his agent he would have gotten a nice commission. He was really pissed that Winston took the peanuts in New Orleans and Steve had to sell his boat. He still thinks the Bucs will see the error of their ways and after Brady falls flat the Bucs will say “I’m so sorry we doubted you Mr. Winston. Will you please come back to us?
How much money do you want?” I was watching Avatar the other day and that world was more real than Flat Steve’s.

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Translated. You know I am right. Weird…

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