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@gottajaboo wrote:

Again, nowhere near on topic.

It’s actually right on topic, considering that the only reason you’re openly voicing this much angst over Brady is due to Winston getting the boot.

So, again, please answer the question.

My only point is now and always has been, Brady is too old to close the deal in Tampa.

That’s your opinion. It’s many others opinion that we are a playoff team with him at the helm.

He showed huge signs in decline last season. Anyone with eyes could see this.

We all know you didn’t watch a single Pats game last year. All you’ve done is cherry pick percentage completion stats and ignored every other advanced metric…which obviously…is because it shits all over your narrative.

Bringing Brady is is a high risk decision regardless of why he is coming in.

Bringing in Brady is no more higher of a risk than re-signing the most turnover prone QB in modern NFL history.

Do you ever stop to think at what our franchise will look like from a personnel standpoint just 20 months from now? We are a completely different team.

The only difference in our team, is a guarantee that we don’t spot opponents 7+ points per game in turnovers. Aside from that, and obviously a new draft class, this team is essentially the same.

So we put all our chips on the table for a quick hit that by most accounts, is far away from competing at an elite level. Likely setting us back in a huge way.

By most accounts is far away from competing at an elite level?

Vegas Insider are giving the Bucs the 5th best odds to win the SB. Sportsline is giving them 6th best odds. Odds Sharks are giving the 5th best. I can go on and on and on. Obviously, the “most overrated QB in the NFL” according to you is getting the best odds of anyone.

You know what would have likely set us back in a huge way?

Re-signing the most turnover QB in modern NFL history to multi-year, $30M+ per contract like you campaigned for and him continuing to gift oppositions a touchdown per game.

So, like I said from the start, this all comes down to your frustration over Winston being let go. So, I’ll ask again…

Since we made such a HUGE mistake by not re-signing an elite QB (in your words…that would dominate the NFL out of high school, would win MVP’s early and often, etc.), why was said elite QB not the most highly sought out FA this offseason?

I mean, according to you, Mahomes is hugely overrated. So, naturally, a player as elite as Winston would’ve signed a pretty lofty contract and be a starter right now, correct?

Again, don’t take this so personal. It’s not your fault.