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Buggsy with the illiterate deflection? There’s a video.

Buggsy, you of all people should know to look further before posting, you’ve had so many of your posts blow up in your face

Good example why These kinds of conversations are a waste of time, all of you Trump supporters seem to only post stuff without actually looking at what’s happening

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Holy shit! talk about a lack of self awareness. Have you forgotten all your threads that have blown up in your face?

This is a perfect example of why you’re a big part of all the problems we are having now. Yes racism is a problem and needs to be addressed but we have leftists and woke liberals running around looking at knots in garages, and knocking down statues and from your deluded perspective, it’s all justified and just a part of the solution. When shit like this happens it’s strong evidence that you idiots are creating a large part of hysteria to benefit imagined Utopia that we’ll get to if we just crack a few more skulls.

You manufactured your own justification for violence. Even those of you who claim to not be condoning violence you sure as heck never talk about it. White BLM protester is in Jail in ATL for burning down Wendy’s and leftist protesters are banging pots outside the jail to get her released…. again because it’s justified? Violence cannot be justified. You cannot intentionally burn down businesses because your mad.

You know who was peacefully protesting this past weekend?

Redneck nascar fans flying the confederate flag outside of the nascar event……. said Bubba Watson this morning on the Today show.

The world is not as you are trying to make it. There is no war with violent white supremacists. This is more left wing bullshit.

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