Reply To: Who Started the Andrew Jackson Controversy?


JBear, I think Trump is a moron, but if Obama took the same stance it would be equally bad because it is OBJECTIVELY bad . . .

you cant have it both way. I presented the actual examples, tell me where I am wrong or . . don’t . . because you cant . . so just SHOUT some more


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But your argument is essentially, Trump is a racist so he started it. Many people don’t agree that he’s a racist. Even your Harriet Tubman argument you quote Trump saying that putting Tubman on the $20 bill is “pure political correctness”. Being against woke ass, left wing political correctness and virtue signaling is not the same thing as being a racist POS.

Neither is saying that both sides share some blame. no matter how many times you kick and scream about it, he’s actually correct to call out violence and to not encourage antifascists by making their tactics ok…. which is exactly what calling everything bad that happened in Charlotte the fault of only one side would have done… we’ve been down this road. I believe that my view is far more unbiased and open minded and fair. It has to be the same for everyone all the time. It is well known that there were many antifascists in Charlotte who used tactics that they have since tried to hide. Even antifa now understands that it was a mistake… at least to be open about looking for violence.

And this is important because it’s a big part of your claim that Trump is a racist. Trump is a racist about how Joe Biden is a racist. Two old white guys with outdated world views. But Trump could not have been more right than to call out both sides in Charlotte. I will always stand by that no matter who was president. Would have been interesting if Obama was president but I think even he and his people could have seen the danger of condoning radical left wing violence by signalling it didn’t count because white supremacists suck. I mean really It would have been interesting. If he didn’t call out both sides would we have seen an increase in this type of thing…. isn’t Obama smart enough to understand that? I think he is.

Anyway this is your usual line of thought. A bunch of insensitive, intolerant left wing propaganda stated as fact. I actually do believe that you don’t question if it’s factual because you know it is… end of the discussion I guess. Trump just is a racist duh. It’s just a fact!

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