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Hockey Duckie

CDC is slow to update. Here’s a Jun 13, 2020 hospitalization rate:
(Cumulative rate per 100,000 population)

    0-4 yrs: 7.4 (or 0.007%)
    5-17 yrs: 3.5 (or 0.003%)
    18-29 yrs: 30.0 (or 0.03%)
    30-39 yrs: 56.6 (or 0.05%)
    40-49 yrs: 90.5 (or 0.09%)
    50-64 yrs: 143.0 (or 0.14%)
    65+ yrs: 286.9 (or 0.28%)

If you go to statista and search death rate, they have an update version for June 24, 2020, which is also per 100,000.

NY and NJ have the highest death rates at 161 and 147 per 100,000 population, respectively. To give perpsective, Arizona has 19 per 100k, Florida has 15 per 100k, and California has 14 per 100k.

If you go to worldometers, then you can see the total cases and you can do the math with death rates. What’s surprising is that NY has the most COVID-19 cases and California is the second highest. Yet, the death rates are on opposite extremes.

Oh, just for clarification, Trump has been calling for states to open up (with exceptions for high death rate areas).

It’s odd. A football blog usually revolves around stats, but all I’m seeing are narratives with little to no substance. I’ve cited three different sources. The young are resilient. The New England states don’t know how to reduce COVID-19 deaths. There are a lot of states with very low death rates.

Just keep following social distancing, cleanliness, testing (heat temp test or COVID-19), and quarantining for 14-days once identified as positive for COVID-19. Keep away from old people and protect the old people.

    US Population: 328.2 mil (328,200,000)
    Total COVID-19 cases (as per Worldometers): 2,462,708
    Total COVID-19 deaths: 124,282

    COVID-19 deaths/COVID-19 cases: 5.04%
    COVID-19 deaths/US Pop: 0.03%

Jus’ sharing.

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