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Weird though because you Libertarians keep harping about a TWO party system but you ignore – scratch that, you DENY – the bad deeds of one

Buggsy, one of your many bad claims on her was the suggestion that GOP voter suppression wasn’t real.

Care to retract that?

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Closing a polling location isn’t suppressing votes, you race-baiting POS. Unsurprisingly, the TDS twittersphere or MotherJones (nice source, Mr. Cronkite) doesn’t cover the other states that close superfluous polling locations, it’s just the “racist” ones. There are many reasons to close a polling location, i.e. early voting, rise in mail-in voting, lack of action at certain polling locations, budget, etc.. It’s never been easier to vote in this country, but that doesn’t stop those that procrastinate to bitch when they have to wait in a line at rush hour on voting day. The concept of personal responsibility is foreign to big government leftists like yourself.

Try staying on topic, nutbag. If you’d like to talk about voter suppression, go open thread #8,459 to do so. You’ll be able to have a long conversation with yourself, as with most of your dumbass threads, since I have zero desire to respond to any of your nonsense any further.

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