Reply To: Covid cases just beginning


Two 17 year old kids have died from Covid in the past week here in FL. I go shopping every week at various stores. My observation is that people have gotten way more lax about precautions since the launch of phase 2 reopening here in the Tampa Bay area. Far fewer people wearing face protection. I live in Pinellas County which instituted a face protection requirement ordinance effective 6/24 at 5 pm. Got to Walmart at 5:15. Big sign at the front door, manager monitoring and not letting anyone in without face protection. There were people in the store without it, presumably they arrived before 5 pm. Got to Publix at about 6 pm. Tiny little sign in the cart area. No one monitoring at the door. There were at least 15 people in the store without face protection. Some people are acting selfishly and not taking the bigger picture into consideration. But that’s just human beings being human…and stupid.

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