Reply To: Austrailia tells China to “pound dirt”


Polls show that Australians, Filipinos, Kenyans, Indians, and a growing chorus of other nationals around the world have seen their opinions sour on China in recent history, not only as a product of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic but in response to China’s colonization projects, such as its illegal reclamation of the South China Sea and the “Belt and Road” infrastructure initiative. Confronting communist China is a popular move and, if Trump chooses not to answer that mandate, he leaves a vacuum for another world leader to fill.
Across China’s western border, India had already begun plans to usurp some of its manufacturing power before a bloody hand-to-hand brawl erupted between the two countries’ soldiers last week. In May, following the publication of a bombshell report accusing 83 international companies of using Uyghur Muslim slave labor to manufacture products in China, Bloomberg News revealed that Modi’s government was making a power play literally twice the size of the nation of Luxembourg for Chinese factory clients. According to Bloomberg, India was planning to set apart that much land to offer competitive deals to international companies seeking to leave China and build trustworthy factories elsewhere.
A week later, Apple announced it would move a significant amount of its iPhone production out of China and into India.
It took about a month since that announcement for Chinese soldiers to club their Indian counterparts to death with sticks wrapped in barbed wire.

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