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Facemasks don’t take away your first amendment, second amendment, or any other amendment. While wearing a face mask you can still speak your mind, go to church, practice shooting imaginary antifa at the gun range, wear a MAGA hat, and all that fun stuff. There’s basically nothing you can’t do. And it doesn’t hurt. Its a little uncomfortable at times.

During World War 2 people really sacrificed for the good of their nation. They rationed gas and food, women went to work in factories. This isn’t like that. You are simply putting on a mask in indoor public places.

But its to much to ask to wear a mask for some of you freakin people out there. So it may save lives, but nah I don’t wanna. When the Palm Beach County mandated the masks, boy did the lulubells come out of the woodwork. Apparently the mask is killing people and is a tool of the devil. Whoooeeee.

Palm Beach

Yet the Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister and chair of the School Board Melissa Snively voted against the mask rule for Hillsborough County. What a disgrace. I had absolutely nothing against either one of those people. Now I do.

Donald Trump. These whackadoodles don’t think for themselves, and I’m thinking maybe that’s for the best for some of these folks. They follow your lead, and if you tell people wearing mask is for the best they will follow. Not wearing a mask is part of your attempt to blame the democrats for overreacting, shutting down the economy just to make you look bad. Well how’s that working out for you? Its time to put on your big boy pants and do what’s right for the country instead of playing politics.

PUT ON A MASK,TRUMP! When the cameras are rolling, for the sake of the nation, put on a mask.