Natural Selection

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This entire discussion has become so detached from reality it’s hard to approach it.

I have to ask those fixated on new cases, what they wanted and or expected from this virus and our response to it? Did you think it was going to go away or be cured without running it’s course through our open and free society? This super virus that spreads easier and is harder to kill, did people really think we could potentially avoid it? What was “slow the spread” designed to achieve? Additionally, what faith do you have in modeling given what we’ve experienced thus far? Which epidemiologists are you believing to be credible as there couldn’t be a much wider chasm between “expert opinion”?

I still see fear and panic dominating logic and reason in these conversations. Not surprising given the tone and focus of our MSM. If they started giving daily updates on traffic/roadway injury/death, would we see such strong societal pressure to modify behaviors to “save lives on the roads”?