Reply To: Covid cases just beginning


Fixated on new cases? You mean not caring about others and hoping less get sick and die? Run its course in a free society? You mean do nothing in the name of supposed freedom? What about people who believe in being free from being subject to the spread of covid?

Look out how hard the lockdown was in Europe, but they got through it, and did not see a horrible record of new cases after nearly 4 months. They gave up a lot of freedom to try to control the epidemic and protect their friends, family, hospitals, healthcare personnel and others.

This is not political, the whole world is going through the same thing together, not just the US. Some countries, and areas have chosen to handle it differently, but those that acted responsibly have fared better.

The news already provides daily updates on traffic and accidents. You can also read about crime that occurs every day in your zip code. You would think that would help, but like covid, many people don’t care. Now we are seeing the result of that indifference.

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