Reply To: Early Signs of Dementia


So is this a gaffe or a lie?

“ All 50 states in this country are opening up safely and responsible.”

Again, if you want to say Biden’s gaffe = crazy, if that’s your sales pitch for Trump..,

Then it’s pretty obvious why Trump is losing in almost every poll, right?

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Can you really not see what a lunatic you are? That is really what you want to hang your hat on?

Bad man supports governors…. The CV apocalypse is real! Is it a lie or a gaffe? You’re nuts.

And all this while completely ignoring any questions about Joe Biden’s mental acuity. It’s as if nobody even said anything at all. Again, everyone knows you don’t like Trump but dangit you are not on the MSN message echo chamber boards. You have to actually say something real or you just sound like a deranged person. Again, I know you don’t like Trump. Either acknowledge Biden gaffes or at least come with a real thing about Trump besides that you hate everything he says. You’re nuts.

Edit: I believe Joe Biden may have dementia….. do you have anything at all?

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