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Easy response. He will give the credit to the wideouts and defense. Calling it now. The guy is clearly a Jameis fan, who is butthurt because the guy busted and couldn’t get the Bucs not even one crack at the playoffs in half a decade. He was an incompetent QB who is slow with processing live action, he locked onto one receiver routinely, could not audible worth a damn, had a terrible motion and windup, was a terrible leader that players clearly tuned out, he was ungrateful for the opportunities the Bucs gave him over and over after his stupidity, and how the hell is any team winning with a QB who had 35 turnovers? 7 pick 6’s? I mean…that is just poor compared to ANY metric. How is a defense supposed to help when they are routinely given short fields and are routinely gassed from his inability to sustain drives and take what was clearly given to him? Winston has done his best and it was clearly not even close to good enough, he is a bust. He wanted to hijack the Bucs with his “I’m ballin” nonsense, but he is willing to give the Saints the most insane low ball contract. Jameis is a spiteful arrogant dumb man, he may learn but being aloof isn’t helping his development for the time being. Jameis is a bad QB. We have Brady now, even at the crusty age of 43, he is exponentially totally better than Crablegs will ever be.

We can all be happy to be rid of Winston, the entire team is much better for it. Thank the football gods he is outta here!!! Suck in reality DefakeSteve, or whatever dumb screen name you are going by these days…clownboyclark should be your next screename.

Wonder how Steve would feel if Tom actually got us a ring..

I think my next screen name will be sacktimewithX’sgirl. It’s weird…