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Yes, fixated on new cases as opposed to hospitalizations. Fixated on total new cases as opposed to who/where those cases are discovered. That’s a different discussion from people getting sick and dying. Research is continuing to show that 50ish% (maybe even higher) of positive cases remain completely asymptotic through recovery. Meaning half or more positive cases don’t even result in “sickness”. I never suggested doing nothing in the name of freedom. I’d hope our approach takes into account data as it comes and we learn more about the virus. People who are or feel highly vulnerable to bad results should take extreme care with their own personal responsibility. Those who can’t take care of their own concerns (like nursing home residents) should be protected by State/Local government authority.

I believe much of Europe still remains more locked down than many of our reopened States. I believe some European countries did not ever lock down and have survived with health care systems in tact. Their numbers look worse right now, but we have an incomplete view at this point. If Sweden never has significant resurgence and others do as they reopen, that model should be re-examined (with view on improvements) for the future. Are you suggesting Europe is out of the woods and won’t have resurgence in those countries starting to lift lockdowns? Additionally, do you believe confirmed cases accurately represents the actual total case nimbers in any area? Do you think the USA is getting a better/worse statistical sampling than others with the massive increase in free and on demand (no dr note or even symptons) testing? Personally, I believe we’re finding MANY more asymptotic positives than anyone else. China even admitted months ago they don’t test any asymptotic individuals. On a virus we have confirmed massive asymptomatic infection rates.

Who has “acted responsibly and fared better”? Is there anywhere on Earth you believe has the problem behind them and no further need for concern/measures? What model should we have been following?

Obviously the news does not focus with any where near the intensity on road injury/death. It’s not featured every time you open any social media app. There’s no massive shaming campaign socially or organized governmental pressure for drastic changes. Massive segment of “preventable” injury/death we accept as routine. Much like the ~100k annual flu deaths we experience as a normal routine.

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