Reply To: Covid cases just beginning


Much of Europe is pretty open now, and traveling is permitted between countries. They are not having a resurgence of cases because they waited to open, and over all, took it more seriously. Masks are still worn in stores in some places in stores. Many people are avoiding groups voluntarily.

I am glad you brought up Sweden. It’s the one disaster in Europe now, other than England. I said elsewhere that Sweden did not lock down, because they chose to try to keep their economy going. That was a mistake, as the economy went down anyway due to fear, cases have escalated, and they have a high death percentage. Take a look at the daily cases in Sweden now. They are skyrocketing with 3,500 in the last two days. Compare Sweden to neighboring Norway which had a strict lockdown and is doing very well now. Sweden’s model utterly failed.

As for Florida, my son said young people were not taking the lockdown seriously, and many ignored it. It’s true that there are still new cases everyday in Europe, but we are talking about less than 300 per day in most countries, not 5,000. They have managed it well, and saved the healthcare system along with lives. I never said they are out of the woods, but it’s better than being in the forest fire.

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