Reply To: Covid cases just beginning

Natural Selection


What does “pretty open now” mean in practice? 30 second google search indicated Germany locked down 500k residents 2 days ago due to resurgence. I’m not following news in Europe much, but your provided info feels anecdotal and not at all specific.

Has Sweden’s health system crashed? Again, what is/was the point of “slow the spread”? Again, we have an incomplete picture of the conclusion. You’re calling things “mistakes” when you truly have no idea the factual basis of that claim. Norway is doing “better” by what matrix? They are close to conclusion of the virus in their country? Your “better”/“worse” are childishly simplistic.

Again, you keep fixating on positive cases while completely ignoring the massive asymptomatic rates from this virus. As I said last page, this discussion has been broken so far from reality. Now you compare gross total cases between countries with vastly different population totals. It doesn’t seem like you want an accurate picture but to cherry pick what feeds panic/fear.

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