Reply To: Trump 2016 vs 2020


Buggsy, if it makes you so upset to be wrong you might consider a new hobby? Or maybe a new screen name?

Team Trump



Kidding but it’s funny to watch you keep posting when you hit something so obviously wrong. It’s not a matter of opinion that the VRA specifically addresses reduction of polling places.

It seems that you and your ilk wouldn’t be happy until we put a damned voting booth in every minority houseold’s living room. You’re insane.

With mail-in, absentee, or early voting available in damn-near every state, that pretty much exists now.

But that doesn’t stop the race-baiting POS’s from ranting and raving about GOP VOTER SUPRESSION!!!!! of minorities. Hell, those whack jobs even call putting a stamp on your mail a “poll tax.” These people are lunatics, with Mr. Cronkite being their poster boy.

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