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Hockey Duckie

It’s odd that many people subscribe to insanity with keeping the status quo of retaining Winston.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the different result.

Brady or not Brady, just as long as it wasn’t Winston returning was the main point. We can win with Brady because we’re not in a rebuild mode, but a win-now mode, which is what was supposed to happen last season as HC Arians stated. We got a new RT and a new ball-hawking safety in the draft. Although the Bucs were the highest passing team in the league and tied for 3rd in scoring, they gave away a minimum of 42 points (seven pick-6’s).

Raw Points

    Total points for = 458
    Total points against = 449
    Point differential = +9

Adjusted Points (removing 42 points against)

    Total points for = 458
    Total points against = 407
    Point differential = +51

Tampa was 3-6 in one-score games. The total points in those six losses was 27 points. That’s significant because that could have lead to far more wins last year, which would have been a winning record.

Although Winston directly gave up a minimum of 42 points due to seven pick-6’s, there were a few INTs that were given up on the Bucs’ side of the field, including inside the Red Zone.

Moving on from Winston was key. Whether we went with a FA or drafted a QB, we were set on moving on after five years of an inconsistent Winston.

Going with a FA QB, the Bucs pushed the necessity of drafting a QB in the first three rounds onto another year. It landed them a top OL in the first round, an improvement at Safety to help the secondary, and a more well-rounded RB to make up for an odd choice for RB in 2018. Those three players can help a future QB by becoming more established in the league and making the transition to the NFL less steep.

Adding more talent prevents for a full rebuild. Depending on how long Brady can last with the Bucs, will determine how long the Bucs will invest in a QB in the draft… if that’s the way they want to go. They could continue onto this FA route after Brady as well.

I don’t comprehend why there is a singular thought that it’s Brady or Bust. It isn’t. There’s several levels going on with the intention of preventing a full rebuild. That should make all us Buc fans happy.

And here’s the odd thing, if Brady gets injured and we all falter, then we’re rewarded with a high draft pick to select a QB for the future, but have all these young talents still intact.

Sticking with an inconsistent Winston for $33 mil for the next six years would be detrimental for the whole organization completely. But the org did take a cheap way out. Instead of benching Winston last year at all, they decided to let him write his own ending so he can be replaced. That isn’t coaching. Good thing Brady is his own coach.

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