Reply To: Early Signs of Dementia


@jbear wrote:

In all fairness, Biden’s gaffe’s are worse than anything Trump has put out there.

I beg to differ.

Trump has YEARS of gaffes to choose from via Twitter, press conferences, interviews,

Numerous, and I mean NUMEROUS, examples of him not even grasping middle school geography.

There’s ZERO doubt in my mind that Biden is slipping mentally. And, I appreciate you sharing your own personal experiences with it. My grandmother went through it (along with Alzheimers) and it was just a brutal period. She passed a few years ago, but she was “gone” well before that. It tests an entire family’s resolve, faith, patience, etc.

And, while I think Trump is “slipping” as well. Let’s say he’s not and he doesn’t get that excuse. If that’s the case, his gaffes are because he’s fucking stupid and unintelligent.

Either way, congratulations USA. This is what you get to choose from.


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