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I keep reading this deflategatesteve ( a name that gives away his obvious hate for Brady) saying Brady’s arm got worse and worse as the season went on. Well, first off, that’s actually true. It didn’t get worse and worse but his arm did have it’s issues. However, it wasn’t because he is getting old, he had an injury. A well documented one that if someone actually watched the games they would know! He had tennis elbow, an annoying and painful injury that is very treatable however. All you need is rest which Brady got once the season was over. The fact that he’s practicing means he’s back and good to go. A 42 year old with tennis elbow was better last year than Winston, that’s all you need to know.

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Okay there insider’s football. Brady is on the decline. I don’t care what affliction he had or why his skills started to decline. And I don’t have hatred for Brady. I just know, that no 43 year old QB has had any success in the modern era and Brady will be no different. Newsflash, once an elite athlete starts to fade, it happens quickly. Anyone buying into Brady being some miracle genetic project, needs to slow down. He’s going to struggle in Tampa as anyone at his age is going to struggle. Keep making this about me though. Seems legit.

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