Reply To: Trump 2016 vs 2020


Biggs… I’m all for personal responsibility but voting should be EASY.

It should be a national paid holiday.

It should be universal vote by mail.

We need better voter turnout and I think it has very little to do with picking yourself up by your bootstraps.

Marginalized groups have historically not voted BECAUSE of voter suppression. Along with other socio-economic factors that you can’t just ignore because something is easy for you to do.

This isn’t about handouts or the nanny state or personal responsibility.

The ease of voting is wildly inconsistent… with COVID you’d think every state would want to move to vote by mail but I guess when you think it’s a world wide hoax made up by Soros to make Trump lose the election, it isn’t surprising that it isn’t taken seriously and that we are going to get hit with a shitty second wave that BY THE WAY killed all momentum in the stock market.

But I digress and I go back to my main point.

If we put all the cards on the table, every person is forced to vote (obviously impossible) the GOP would cease to exist.

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