Reply To: Trump 2016 vs 2020


I hope that Biden wins, the GOP gets flushed and re-vamped (in a perfect world the GOP would become the libertarian party), then Biden doesn’t run for a 2nd term.

The Dems run a moderate, the GOP runs a moderate, then we can actually vote FOR someone based on your beliefs in government, economics, society… with civil discourse and less tribalism.

I’d love to see two parties that debate the issues and represent their constituents but when they lose they WORK with the other side to get things done instead of pointing the finger.

That’s what I’m wishing for… maybe it is naive but we need to send this xenophobia packing.

Then let the dust settle and come back together.

And the only way we can ensure that Trump is gone is by making sure everyone has the opportunity to vote within a reasonable system.

*fingers crossed* that voter turnout of a record high (all the protestors better vote).

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