Reply To: Covid cases just beginning


I would not be so quick to declare the new cases are either asymptomatic or much milder. Generally, the younger, healthier are getting the disease more often now, and there is less of a chance of them being hospitalized. However, they can easily spread it to people more at risk. Further, I am frankly confused as to where the “hospitalizations are down” narrative is coming from. For example, California notes that Covid hospitalizations went up 32% in two weeks (KTAL5). Texas states hospitalizations have increased 250% over the past two weeks (Newsweek). Louisiana just had its biggest rise in hospitalizations in weeks (News-Star – Monroe). Arizona is seeing a record number of hospitalizations; and ICUs are almost maxed out the last few days, with only 200 beds remaining. (The News Herald, Newsweek). Can someone explain that to me?

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