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Manhattan’s population density is over 71000 per square mile. Daytime population density 174000 per square mile. The daytime population consists of approximately 1.61 million commuting workers, 1.46 million local residents, 404,000 out-of-town visitors, 374,000 local day-trip visitors, 17,000 hospital patients, and 70,000 commuting students.

Miami is the densest city in Florida. It has a population density of 13512 per square mile with not much difference for daytime. So if you are walking around Miami and you think there are a lot of people, you would have 15 people in Manhattan for every one person in Miami.

By comparison Tampa has 3600 per square mile.

Good luck with social distancing. That’s one gargantuan task, and so no I wouldn’t wish to compare the two states response to Coronavirus.

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