Reply To: The Bunker Bitch Knew About The Bounties On Soldiers


This one is so representative of Trump dysfunction

Most likely someone in intel leaks the story out of concern

Trump says he wasneve rtold

report comes out that it was in his daily briefing

he never reads them

Trump says “it was not credible”

NYT and other outlets report that in January Military dicivered bounty money (dollars) in Taliban hideout

NYT reports at least one death under investigation

Truth likely to be that it is credible BUT muissed by completely dysfunctional Trump admin because it:

a) has a president who does not read and
b) a ZERO EXPERIENCE DNI who was installed SOLELY to de-classify a BS story about Russia THAT WENT NOWHERE

no matter the actual details, at a minimum, this story completely supports the alarm bells sounded by Bolton

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