Reply To: For One Truth and atheists


So Harry, I will just use this one example from your won words:

“It’s not I know what God wants–It’s I know what God says He wants, because it is written in the book.

So, for example, the Gospel according to Matthew has a quote in it that is always used as ONE basis for evangelizing or proselytizing, right? Many Christians believe the Gospel is the word of God, as conveyed by Jesus though his apostle, Matthew, right? Matthew the Evangelist.

But the actual book, the actual are written by an anonymous author some 85 years after Jesus’ death, right?

In every realm EXCEPT religion, the passage of time before a story is recorded would be a reason to DOUBT the accuracy of the story. Teis is SCIENTIFICALLY true of witness statements, as on example. And, of course nearly everyone has seen people passing a story person to person and having it change.

So when you say “I know what God says He wants, because it is written in the book,” you are actually demonstrating your faith that the book is the word of God when many reasonable people would say its just a story written somebody perhaps inspired by God.

That’s why I said you were imparting your religion. Great thing for you to have, but not something that makes non-believers lesser people (see Runole’s comments). In fact, one could argue the more reasonable approach would be to be skeptical.

Zero disrespect. I applaud you for tour faith . . until you use it to judge others (see Runole’s and OT’s comments)

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