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I say if no fans can attend – each of the end zone boards should be full of fans (1 side for each team based on which direction the team is going) with zoom calls – priority for season ticket holders but free – each quarter the change them out (if the demand is high.)

There is over 28,000 square feet each call 1 square foot in RJS. Maybe have 66/33 split for the home team. Watch the game on tv – stream your video to the stadium and see the replays on your call. Stadium crew could still do a pretty good production.

When a team is on offense, opposing team’s audio is piped into the stadium…

Going to really have to think out of the box to make this work. Weird.

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Yes I think you are on the right track. They definitely will have to think outside the box. The NFL has a product to sell. If they are going to try to sell it, they better get creative.

They already have decided to sell the premium lower bowl seats to advertisers. The reason is 1) They want to have a definite revenue from those seats. They don’t know if they would have half the seats, a quarter or none because of social distancing. They are close to the field and this creates a barrier between fans and the field. So I wouldn’t say “no fans no problem” but the NFL is finding ways to recoup probable lost ticket revenue.

Las Vegas was the only team to vote against it. They argued that they just sold out a brand new stadium and those who bought tickets are going to be pissed off and how do you choose which people get to go to the game? I don’t imagine the Bucs are much better off either. They bring in Brady and Gronk and raised their season ticket prices by 15%, and even so demand surged. If they open the stadium to a limited number of fans, how do you sort out who gets the tickets? It could get ugly.

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