Reply To: Covid cases just beginning

Natural Selection


So countries that followed a plan you agree with, resulting in extremely small %s of their population exposed/infected thus far have “infections under some sort of control”? They “won” and the virus isn’t coming back to those countries next week or next month because they “control infections”? But FL is doing it all wrong and “allowing” infections? That’s legitimately nonsensical. You’re in an insane mindframe that there is a potential to stop infections until a cure is reached. Which has never been a stated goal of any reasonable person (or epidemiologist) as it’s clearly impossible (hence, “SLOW the spread”). Impossible with a normally spreading virus and even more so with the most infectious and hardest to kill virus we’ve yet to experience as humans. Thank who ever you pray to it didn’t turn out to be as deadly as we all initially feared, and let’s make reasonable plans around the facts that we’ve discovered.

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