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It’s the only way to slow this down and eradicate it, until a method of feasible treatment is designed. It would hurt for sure, but five days to prep and prepare for 30 days of abstinence is doable. People will get slimmer for sure, but active cases would drop to next to nil. I am not saying it is ideal, I am saying it would be massively effective.

The only way to stop this virus in the meantime, before the years req’d to find a suitable way to combat it via vaccine, is to completely shut down the country for a solid 30 days, with draconian measures taken to ensure this happens, to seal borders completely in that time frame as well, and deny it more vectors. It is the only way.

The country needs to brace for this to possibly be a measure. A total lockdown where social contact is limited to medical and other emergency situations. As long as a few infected remain, the exponential rate of infection is enough to cripple efforts to staunch it. The only way to stop it here, is for everything to become a ghost town. Give them 5 days to prep everything necessary, and shut it down completely. Otherwise it is this bullshit until an effective antidote/cure is made.

I hate this, but it’s time to become tough.

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How are people going to afford that? I mean we could easily go to the store and stock up on food for that amount of time. But not everyone is that lucky. Not to mention that would destroy the economy.

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