Natural Selection

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I would be excited to sign AB on a 1 year non guaranteed contract. I think the potential benefits greatly outweigh the potential negatives.

All concern about him being potentially cancerous seem overblown. If he is, he’ll be cut and gone. He’s not, and wouldn’t, represent an investment. He wouldn’t be counted on. He would be a bonus.

Obviously AB brings way more to the field than any 3rd receiver we have on roster (getting/keeping him there generally presents the problem). He also has a relationship and has worked with our new QB.

AB has potential to step seamlessly into larger roles depending on injuries during a hopefully long season.

Should AB be in the mindset to contribute to a team again, he’d be an extremely valuable asset to let walk in free agency. He legitimately represents a player who could fetch a 3rd round type compensatory pick after signing elsewhere.

I wouldn’t expect him to be a 1k yard/ 10 TD 3rd receiver, but does anyone think that’s well outside the realm of possibility? He could be the kind of asset that greatly elevates the offense in return for a modest 1 year contract. Seems like a low risk for potentially high reward, imo.