Reply To: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man


. . .there are a ton of white Trump supporters who espouse those same beliefs, so why was it important to you that she was black?

This point seems to be lost on some of you

Your response to the current problem in the country was to post BLACK people to support your point of view . . . but OTHERS are the RACE baiters?

seems legit, especially in a thread called “another BLACK woman . . .”

It was a white guy who created the “another BLACK woman:” thread. White guys on each thread, pointing out BLACK people who agree with them . .

and then calling others race-baiters . .

in a thread ENTITLED “another BLACK woman . .” which is a sequel to a thread entitled a “BLACK woman” and an COUSIN to a thread entitled . . . .

(Kidding aside, the idea of using the color of a persons skin to LEGITIMIZE a point of view, that is often antagonistic to the entire group of people with that color of skin . . is almost minstrel show level racism, in and of itself, but even putting that aside its just an obvious LOGICAL flaw because the argument that Candace Owens is representative or Walter Williams is representative of 40 million African Americans OBVIOUSLY cuts against the FACT of their NOTORIETY, right? I mean, Glenn Beck has Candance Ownes on her show PRECISELY because she is going to offer a controversial THOUGHT. Walter Williams offers white people “certificates of amnesty and pardon” precisely because its controversial. That Buggsy would create a thread about Ben Shaprio interviewing him — AS A REBUTTAL TO a point made in a Candace own thread — is just icing . . lol)

Void of any and all shame or self-awareness, the race-baiting, hypocritical POS just cannot help himself.

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