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See Runole even though this thread is already off topic, now you are getting way off the off topic which is Coronavirus. Of course the main reason most people will be voting for Biden is that the current president should be living in the Big House instead of the White House and people have finally had enough. And that isn’t a joke or exaggeration. Its the truth. Whatever you want to say about Democrats or Biden, it isn’t any worse than the current guy who should have been impeached and should be in jail for treason. If Trump was a Democrat and did the stuff he did you would have no problem agreeing with me 100%.

You asked.

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You mean Biden could handle the corona virus like his bosom buddy Cuomo, and send all the infected to Nursing homes? Sounds like a great idea! Right? We all know Special needs Joe “the Puppet” needs an advisor to tell him what to do. Why not “Dr Death” Cuomo?
And just like that we are back on the Virus! lol

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