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If AB is willing to take the vet min should we be interested? Absolutely! He is a million times better than any third WR can put out onto the field. AB could easily be cut at the first sign of trouble.

“Oh but we have Evans and Godwin”. Is two good WR’s the limit a team should try and collect? What if they get injured like they did last season? Or what if they get Corona? Miller is a slot WR who has a lot of question marks. Watson meh. Tyler Johnson was good value in the 5th but a rookie is not guaranteed to perform and he’s purely a one paced slot WR.

Bruce is going to put 3 WR’s on the field quite a bit. You can guarantee that. And there’s question marks on the players who will be getting snaps. AB also gives us versatility to use Godwin in the slot where statistically he was the most damaging slot WR in the league last season.

Seahawks have genuine interest. DK Metcalf – Tyler Lockett – Antonio Brown. Wow. No one will want to face that with Wilson throwing them the ball.

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