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Hockey Duckie

Here’s a voter breakdown for 2016: link

Let’s assume there’s 320 million people in America.

In 2016, here’s the population breakdown by race:

    White: 61.27% (196.0 mil)
    Hispanic: 17.79% (56.9 mil)
    Black: 13.31% (42.5 mil)
    Asian: 5.67% (18.1 mil)
    2-races: 2.62% (8.3 mil)
    American Indian: 1.25% (4.0 mil)
    Hawaii/Pac. Islander: 0.24% (0.7 mil)

If 100% of non-white votes vs 100% of whites vote, then it really wouldn’t matter if it’s based upon race.

Yet for kicks and giggles…
Pct of non-voters by race

    White: 52%
    Hispanic: 19%
    Blacks: 15%
    Other: 12%

Huh… whites represent over half of the non-voters.

College Grad voters

    Clinton: 43%
    Trump: 29%

HS or less educated voters

    Clinton: 28%
    Trump: 34%


Anyhow, independent news commentator Tim Pool received an offical mail-in ballot to his house except the person addressed to didn’t live in Tim’s house and never requested for a mail-in ballot, as Tim got in contact with that person.

The possibility of fraud exists if everyone is given a mail-in ballot because there’s less scrutiny compared to a requested absentee ballot.

But hey, y’all can keep lying to yourselves. It’s sad that we’re reverting to race from the 80s and 90s. Oh well. Voting in a black President doesn’t even count in your minds unless you’re stating that white people voted in a black President? But you can’t have that either b/c it would ruin your whole premise. Oh well.

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