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Unless I really F’d up the data set, this trend doesn’t seem to be getting talked about at all.

This article talks about it:
Official U.S. coronavirus death toll is ‘a substantial undercount’ of actual tally, Yale study finds

Researchers found that the excess number of deaths over normal levels also exceeded those attributed to Covid-19, leading them to conclude that many of those fatalities were likely caused by the coronavirus but not confirmed. State reporting discrepancies and a sharp increase in U.S. deaths amid a pandemic suggest the number of Covid-19 fatalities is undercounted, they said. The study was supported by the National Institute of Health.

Anyway, of course we all hope the deaths are going down to zero. Fauci says the death toll is going to be very disturbing. I hope he’s wrong. The Republicans should be learning from painful experience not to jump the gun and say “See it’s not so bad. This is being overblown by the Democrats” only to have things get worse again.

So yeah it’s been mentioned that the deaths are going down and we can hope that trend continues, but its not a reason to downplay the situation only to have it bite us in the ass again. If the scientists say the worst is over and the severity of cases are reducing then I’ll go along with that. I haven’t heard that from them. Have you?

I read somewhere that if a patient tests positive for Covid and is hospitalized the Hospital gets a larger payout?

Recently, I received this from an anonymous source. Following technique of MSM?

Nurses at a hospital doing testing became suspicious when all their tests were coming back Positive. They then sent 2 tests with unused swabs and they came back positive. Other nurses set up fake names, sent 10 unused swabs back and they also came back positive…. No, I am not going to release where this was done to protect the nurses. We are being played! From a friend.

In the end it seems the whole thing has become too political.
The fact that the number of cases is increasing would seem to not favor Republicans until you go to hospitalization and deaths. You either accept the data or you believe in conspiracy theories. Both have merit depending on the beholder.