Reply To: Curbing Your Enthusiasm for The GOAT


I am not football professional, but I have played the game at low level, and have watched it my whole life. I started watching the last 7 NE games to see if Brady has declined. I just got done watching NE at Philadelphia. I saw no Brady decline in that game.

I saw 3 drops by his receivers, and you could say 1 more from Edelman on a long pass that was deflected into his hands. There looked to be 4 passes thrown away by Brady. I also saw Brady often looking at his receivers at intermediate and deep routes, but he had to settle for a checkdown. Passing was made more difficult either because Philadelphia’s defense played well, or NE’s receivers just did not get open. Brady had time to throw at times, but no one was open. He threw several long passes, 1 was maybe underthrown, but could have been caught, and two others were overthrown.

This was a very important game for Philadelphia at home. NE scored 17 unanswered points. They did what they had to do.

OK, game 1 of 7: I see no decline.

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