Reply To: Trump 2016 vs 2020


The classic response continues.

STILL you haven’t read the article or acknowledged my points other than cherry picking ONE PART of the argument (as I predicted you would) and ran with it.

Your statistic ignore all minorities. It only compares people that identify as 100% white or 100% black. Read your own stats.

You do realize there are other minorities other than blacks, right?

And the stat STILL shows that white people vote more than black people. The only two caveats happen when Obama was the nominee.

Again back to one of my points, the MINDSET of disenfranchisement… it’s no surprise that black people voted for Obama and turned out in record numbers. Is that a shock to you? Many thought they’d never get the chance to vote for a black president.

So again, if you would just READ THE ARTICLE or even read my paraphrasing of the article and directly address what I said then you could justify you soapbox stance on this issue.

Until then, yes you cherry-picked. As I said you would. As of course you did. As of course you will continue to do so…

Because you are too fucking lazy to see this issue from a difference perspective.

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