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Hockey Duckie

@Roy wrote:

In other news Trump reverses himself and says he’ll wear a mask.

Odd. Trump has worn masks before or don’t you recall him wearing one when visiting an auto plant and made a note that he didn’t want the media to see him wearing one because the media is always on a witch hunt.

I guess you’re just a headline reader and nothing more.

Anyhow, in CA, the governor shut down bars, restaurants, and movie theaters. Some CA counties have closed beaches on 4th of July. The gov insists on shutting down 4th of July fireworks. That’s a lot of BS considering they ok’d protest all across CA, amongst people they don’t know all tightly packed together. LoL

Here’s an excerpt from an abc7news article:

Counties with mandatory closures should consider canceling Fourth of July fireworks shows, the governor said, and Californians should not gather with people they do not live with.

I suppose a lot of people have a lot of bad luck when it come to thinking logically and equally. Oh well.

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