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looking at the title i dont see how this is a joke.
But to the agnostics and athiests who scrutinize religious beliefs as fairy tales and silly traditions take a close look at your own belief system. It is as un-scientific as it gets.

The theory of bio-genesis (from evolutionary theory)

All matter appeared from nothing. proven IMPOSSIBLE by 3rd grade science teachers. Something cannot come from nothing
A cell “emerged” from the primordial soup. Proven IMPOSSIBLE by centuries of scientific data. Life begets life by Pasteur.
Organic life forms gain DNA information through beneficial mutations. Scientifically proven IMPOSSIBLE by Mendel. No one has ever witnessed a beneficial mutation or a gain in DNA information, only a scrambling of existing information and harmful mutations have been scientifically observed.

Yea we believe in miracles and a supernatural being that operates outside of the laws of physics. Logically scrutinizing all of the data… atheists have more faith than any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Scientologist, or Jew I ever met.