Reply To: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man


So, this is why this stuff is a waste of time.

Schiano posts a video

Buggsy takes a couple shots THE POSTERS, never addresses the substance of the video, basically cries foul, as us usual . . .

JBear comes in and posts something that is CLEARLY a troll, mocking, ending with “I think is should feel guilty” etc . . . OBVIOUSLY . . obviously a troll (“The guy claims that peaceful protest never accomplished anything so riots are OK”). CLEARLY not an attempt to have a constructive conversation about any of it.


“It’s a real wonder why more people didn’t take you up on your request to “chat about it constructively” in your OP


There actually zero wonder as to why most of the posters here would not engage on that topic . . . that’s the POINT of the video . . its in the title

Now, let me go back and read about 2008 black voter turnout = no suppression . . because those “lazy” black people can overcome it when they want 🙂

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