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Yes for increasing roster spots, because 1) if anybody tests positive for Covid they are out a couple weeks regardless of if they are seriously ill or not. 2) It allows teams to carry more guys who may need some seasoning, so they don’t have to jettison them when they may be able to contribute to the team down the road.

As for getting rid of the cap, that ain’t gonna happen. Obviously they’ll have to do something regarding the cap if they are going to allow for more roster spots, but it won’t be just throwing it out. Wouldn’t that make for some crazy baseball style midseason salary dumping trades? Do we want that in football where the rich teams can poach the high priced players from the non-contenders down the stretch? As a Rays fan that’s always frustrating to see the Yankees be able to stock up for a playoff run because they have basically no budget. I don’t want to see that type of thing in football.

As for the parking lot, I read or saw somebody commenting to the affect that if they have no fans in the stadium, fans will congregate in the parking lot. If you block off the parking lot, fans will go to the next nearest place to hang out such as parking lots and sidestreets. So you might as well try to figure out something for the fans, social distancing tailgating or something.

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